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The first step is to determine exactly where the cabin is to be positioned. Contractors will set out the position of the foundations and prepare the ground

The first step is to determine exactly where the cabin is to be positioned. Talk to us in advance or we will be in contact in advance to check with you on where you want the cabin to be placed. A team of contractors will set out the position of the foundations and prepare the ground.

If you haven't yet figured out which foundations are right for your project, check out our previous article here on foundations. If you have, keep reading to learn how they are installed on piling day.


Depending on the ground conditions and shape it may require levelling to ensure this a flat surface for the cabin to sit on and be accessible. This may require preparation work by a digger and trucks to remove excess spoil.

The contracting team will then build the foundations. The type of foundations will determine how long it will take to build.

Screw on piles and surefoot footings are quick to install as these systems are concrete free therefore there is no waiting time for concrete to set and it cuts down on labour involved with concrete works.

Screw on piles

Screw on piles are also known as ground screws, earth screw, screw anchor or earth anchors. Screw on piles are ready-made and come in different sizes depending on what is the right fit for the project. Each pile is pre-drilled to the correct depth depending on the screw to be used. The screw pile is then drilled into the hole with portable handheld drilling equipment. Once the screws are installed the building bearers can be installed straight away.

Surefoot footings

Surefoot footings are an “all in one” system comprising of high tensile steel driven through ha pile cap to secure it. It is a very economical system making it a quick installation method. Timber bearers are then built on top of the piles. The bearers provide the platform for the cabin to sit on and help distribute and transfer the weight of the cabin evenly onto the piles and into the ground. This is a quick and effective approach to building foundations and often will allow the cabin to be placed in one day.

Timber piles

Timber piles take longer to build. Holes are dug to certain depths and timber posts are concreted in. Once the concrete has set, the bearers are then built on the posts ready for the cabin to be placed. This method requires waiting time, more labour and hardware and material for fixtures. Because of this timber poles take longer to build but is generally a cheaper option then screw on piles or surefoot footings.

Concrete pad

Concrete pad foundations are also labour intensive and require time due to the carpentry work needed and waiting time for concrete to set before proceeding.

Soil and ground conditions

The ground conditions this will determine what type of foundations will be used.

Truck access and craning

After the foundation is built the cabin is ready to be placed.

Free and adequate access is required for the hiab (crane truck) to set up in order to place the cabin onto the foundations. The hiab also needs to be set up on good ground i.e concrete or asphalt driveway or solid ground; and not on loose or not compacted material or soil.

Once the cabin is placed it is fixed down onto the foundation to restrain it. This is the last step and from this point on the cabin is ready to be used. If the cabin has power and water utilities you can now connect the supplies and it will be ready to use.


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Thanks for reading, we hope this helps you for your next project!

The team @ Koltm Modular 🛠️ 💚


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