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Welcome to part one of our short series on preparing for your new transportable cabin!
First up were talking about GEOTECH.


First up were talking about GEO-TECH. A geo-technical report is required as part of the Building Consentprocess and is mandatory by your local council. The report is an investigation of the site (the land where you are planning to place your new cabin!) where strength tests and soil samples are taken using boreholes drilling or digging and these outline the assessment of the ground conditions. The report will also provide recommendations for earthworks, foundations, stabilising measures, soakage & storm water drainage. 

If you decide to purchase a Koltm Modular cabin, we can help you obtain a geo-technical report if you have not yet acquired this but please keep in mind, availability of testing can slow down the building consent process.

We strongly recommend acquiring your geo-tech report as one of your first actions if you already have land space as having this ready to go will enable your building consent process to be much more streamlined down the track for your new cabin!

Check out these helpful resources we have collated below for more information on geo-technical reporting;

The Relocatable Home Co
Building Performance

Thanks for reading! Talk soon!

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