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6 Facts About Modular and Transportable Homes

Are you wondering if a modular or transportable home is right for your family? Click here for six facts about transportable homes to decide if it's for you.

40 Easy to Understand Building Terms - Learn Our Industry Lingo!

Builders Glossary - 40 Easy to understand building terms and common phrases to know as you work through your construction or home build project.

Transform Your Cabin! Man Cave, She Shed, Granny Flat or Sleep Out!

A man cave offers you the chance to relax and recharge for better performance at work and home. Here’s how to design and build your transportable cabin:

What to Expect on Piling Day

The first step is to determine exactly where the cabin is to be positioned. Contractors will set out the position of the foundations and prepare the ground The first step is to determine exactly ...

What type of foundations are right for your modular home?

CABIN FOUNDATIONS  Skid foundation Stuck on figuring out which foundations you need for your new build? Here's a quick guide on modular foundation options for your new cabin!

We are proud to announce Koltm Modular's offical membership

  We are proud to announce Koltm Modular's official membership with OffsiteNZ. We are so happy to be on board!

Let's talk about tech, baby! Preparing for your transportable cabin

Welcome to part one of our short series on preparing for your new transportable cabin! First up were talking about GEOTECH.


Koltm Modular offers multiple types of cladding options. Every single cabin that goes out can have customised cladding to suit your style preferences! Lush

Koltm Modular X Otumoetai

  Koltm Modular helped the kids at Otumoetai college recently when they were left with a non functional new classroom. We took care of the upgrade!

Get the survey underway! Preparing for your transportable cabin: Part 2

This time we're going over site surveying. FUN... not so much. But it has to be done as part of the process to obtain building consent & piece of mind that you are following the correct council ...