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A man cave offers you the chance to relax and recharge for better performance at work and home. Here’s how to design and build your transportable cabin:

Granny flat cabins provide a perfect space to sleep out, watch sports, enjoy a drink, listen to your favourite music, create art, host events or enjoy peace and quiet.

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 11.41.35 AM

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 11How Do I Turn My Cabin Into a Man Cave?

1. Choose Your Cabin

Selecting a cabin is the first step to building your desired man cave, she shed, art studio, hobby space or sleep out. Our small to medium modular cabins come in multiple variations of sizes, shapes, and styles. These cabins for sale (nz) are customisable, meaning you can choose the finishes, colours, fittings and even alter the floor plan to fit your needs. Check out Koltm Modular's range of portable cabins for sale and let your ideas flow!

Focus on choosing a cabin that will let you create a perfect space to unwind, watch sports and movies, or leverage other fascinating man cave ideas.

Opt for a cabin that will last longer without compromising your interior designs. In this case, buy a cabin made of high-quality, durable, and robust materials that will offer outstanding resistance to water or mould damage - A Koltm Modular cabin!

2. Get Prepared

Check out our previous articles that help our clients get prepared for their prefab cabins NZ. 

What type of foundations are right for your modular home?

Get the survey underway!

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What to expect on piling day

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3. Customise Your Cabin design & build

Choosing a cabin with elegant exteriors isn't enough. You need to customise or decorate the cabin's interiors depending on how you intend to use it and what colour & texture style aligns with you.

For example, choosing darker coloured interior paint creates a perfect space for watching movies.

Feel free to search online for colour scheme designs and décor ideas to gain inspiration on how to transform your cabin into an impressive personal space. Flick these through to us when you are at the design stage of your project. We love to see what you are using for inspo!

Here are some other ways to decorate your custom built cabin and make it an ideal man cave:

·   Choose premium upgrades to ensure you have energy efficient design with extra special fittings and materials. The premium kitchen module offers an island option which is perfect for those wanting to set up a larger bar in their space!

·    Hang your beloved art, photography or movie posters on the cabin’s wall for ultimate personalisation in your new build.

·    Set up a display cabinet to showcase your prized collections.

·    Incorporate unique features like a popcorn machine, pool table, or an elegant work from home space!

·    Add comfy, aesthetically pleasing chairs for your friends and family members when they come to visit.

·    Include a large sofa or sofa bed to create a perfect spot to take a nap or curl up when you just need a break from the world.

·    Order add on's with your project such as extra or larger windows & doors, tiles, extra power points, EV charging or pendant lighting, etc. 

Check out some of the cladding options Koltm Modular offers across our tiny homes NZ via our previous article - Which cladding would you choose?

Get the Best Cabin for Your Man Cave or She Shed needs

Why should you struggle to look for the best cabin to build a man cave when Koltm Modular offers a reliable, transparent, fast & easy solution with multiple variations of granny flat designs to maximise your living space with our design and build projects.

Our 12sqm, 24sqm, 30sqm, & 40sqm relocatable homes are perfect for creating your dream man cave or she shed space. They are easily customisable and have add-ons to make your room more suited to your preferences and styles.

We are one of the fastest growing tiny home builders in NZ building the next generation of cost effective modular buildings and prefab homes. Our experts can build you exceptional cabins for sleep outs, granny flats, or transportable homes (NZ). Our portable homes (NZ) are architecturally designed, quality proven, & locally made in Auckland & Rotorua, with shipping available New Zealand wide.

Keen to get started but have burning questions about your project idea or the build process? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for common client Q&A or view this article on why a transportable building can provide higher benefits than a conventional build.

If you are after a quote/cost breakdown for delivery to a specific site, reach out and we will happily flick through an estimate.

View our range of pre built homes NZ or contact the Koltm Modular Team and get your customisable cabin in the pipeline! Limited build spots remaining for 2022.


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