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Skid foundation

Stuck on figuring out which foundations you need for your new build? Here's a quick guide on modular foundation options for your new cabin!

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Screw on piles or Ground screws

Screw on piles are basically piles which looks like oversized screws.

These are “screwed” into the ground to a required depth. The screws are left in the ground. The building base is then fixed to the ground screws. Ground screws are typically used in small scale builds such as decks, portable cabins and fences.

They come in different sizes depending on the type of build. Ground screws are known for its quick and easy installation and minimal disruption to ground conditions and the environment meaning minimal clean up is required.

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Timber piles

These are timber poles or posts concreted within the ground. This is a very common type of foundation in NZ. Bearers are then fixed to the piles which help brace the piles and provide a base for the modular home subfloor framing to sit on and fix to.

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Concrete pad foundations

A pad foundation is used to spread concentrated loads from the building structure through to the soil mass. They are typically shallow but can also be deep depending on the ground conditions. They can be connected to each other or individual and can be reinforced with steel to give it more strength.

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How are type of foundations generally defined in big projects? Ie. Geotech

In large projects the design of foundations (its type and size) is determined largely by two factors, the ground conditions and the building’s loads. The performance of the foundation is based on the interface between these two factors i.e the loads anticipated from the buildings structure and the ground supporting it.

 Typically these two factors are investigated and designed by structural and geotechnical engineers who will work closely together to create an economical design. The engineers are then able to determine what type of foundations are needed to adequately support the building for a desired lifetime and/or to withstand certain natural disaster events, i.e earthquakes.

Difference between engineered piles and standard NZ3604 piles

NZS3604 piles vs engineered piles

Before building ground conditions are tested to determine whether it is suitable to carry additional weight of a building without settling significantly. The results will determine whether you will need specific engineers design or not.

NZS 3604 is a NZ Standard which outlines how to construct timber-framed buildings up to three storeys high where there is good ground. It provides prescribed design and construction methods for timber framed buildings in order to meet the requirements of the NZ Building Code without the need for specific engineering design.

If the ground conditions are determined to be good then the foundation requirements found NZS 3604 and can be referenced by Licensed Building Practitioners for design and building guidance. 

If testing determines the ground as not meeting minimum requirements or if the building or foundation is outside the scope of NZS 3604 (i.e larger than three storeys or commercial) then the building will need specific engineering design and must demonstrate compliance with in the NZ Building Code.

Modular foundations

When you work with Koltm Modular, there is the option of our operations team coordinating your foundations for you for a fee, saving you some time, just let us know when reaching out with your project idea. Modular foundation

Now you've read out guide to foundations, let's start thinking about which cabin you're going to put on top! Check out our range of transportable homes at Koltm Modular here.

Our prefab homes come in multiple floor plan variations with customisable design options to suit individual preferences and style.

The small cabins for sale; 142qm, 24sqm & 30sqm come in open plan or 1-2 bedroom options and are perfect for a wide variety of uses. These include: guest house, sleep out, hobby room, art studio, tiny home, man cave, she shed, granny flat, farm accommodation or commercial studio.

The large transportable homes for sale come in open plan or 1-4 bedroom options: 40sqm, 50sqm, 60sqm, 65sqm, 78sqm & 90sqm. These are ideal for use as a family home, first home, holiday rental, batch, beach house, or simply to downsize your current home to a more efficient, modern and sustainable way of living.

If you've got some time to explore, you could also check out our blog post on Cladding Options.

Thanks for reading! Chat soon :) 

The team @ Koltm Modular.

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