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Ready to take the next step on your new build journey but unsure where to begin when it comes to consents for small to medium cabins? We got you, babe. 👷

First up, let's discuss what does not need a building consent. In New Zealand, all building work that takes place must comply with the NZ Building Code & in most cases, Building Consent is required. However, some smaller-scale builds are considered 'low risk' and can bypass the need for Building Consent if they fall under the "single-story detached buildings exceeding 10, but not exceeding 30, square meters in floor area of work carried out or supervised by licensed building practitioner." building. govt.nz

This means all Koltm Modular units sized 30sqm and below which do not have onsite services (bathroom, laundry or kitchen) connected, are exempt from needing to obtain Building Consent due to being a small scale (low risk) build - wahoo!

In our range specifically, this includes IslaKenzo as these two cabins generally already do not require onsite services and are 30sqm or below.
Ivy, Nova & Sierra are also exempt if you choose to not add on kitchen & bathrooms.

Check out the great resources at the bottom of this page including Building work that does not require Building Consent for more information. Please note that even if consent is not required, all building work must meet or exceed the requirements of the Building Code in NZ (Yes hello, Koltm Modular here, would you like fries with that?).

Next, let's talk about units above 30sqm. These sizes, as well as anything that will have onsite services connected, do require Building Consent. In our range, this includes. Ivy, Nova, Aster, Kenzo, Cove & Aurora. 

So what is Building Consent?
Every building must comply with the Building Act 2004 & Resource Management Act 1991. Building Consent is an official approval issued by your local council under the Building Act that allows building work to be carried out. This approval is granted by the council when they are satisfied all requirements if the Building Code will be met for the proposed work. This proposed building work includes construction, demolition, removal alteration and connection.

Failing to have a consent if you (or your builder) are carrying out non-exempt work means you are breaking the law. So please, check with us and your local council before you begin your project to avoid some hefty fines 😬It also might pay to know that an approved Building Consent does expire after two years from issue, unless otherwise agreed with the council who issued it.

In regards to Resource Consent for minor dwellings; Good news! Most of them fall under district plans as a permitted activity. Although it would pay to check with your local council whether you will need a resource consent to add a minor dwelling to your site as councils have different requirements for different areas throughout the country.

So the wonderful conclusion is - Koltm Modular now offers an option Full Project Package Solution - from consents to completion. This is an add on to your purchase of a cabin from our range at an extra cost. If you choose to include this in your project with us, it may save you a lot of time and money depending on your situation. This package includes;

🏗️Timber Piles
🚚Freight and Logistics from factory to site
💰Building Consent application fee
✏️Preparation of Concept Design & Building Consent
🚿Connection of Services - Electrical - Waste - Water
📄GEOtech report - excludes CPT test for liquefaction
🔍Survey of property for building consent

🛠️Skirting & Base Boards in accordance with building regulations
📚Feasibility Study
👥Ground crew onsite for receiving units and CCC

Thanks for reading our first blog post - we hope you gathered some valuable information from this for your future endeavours! #supportlocal

Chat soon,
The Koltm Modular team 🖤


Disclaimer: The information available on this blog post is not intended to cover every situation, and may not include details relevant to a user’s particular circumstances. Accordingly, users are advised to seek independent professional advice before applying any information contained on this site to their own particular circumstances. Koltm Modular Limited shall not be held liable for any claim for any loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information contained in this blog post.



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