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Are you wondering if a modular or transportable home is right for your family? Click here for six facts about transportable homes to decide if it's for you.

Have you considered looking into transportable homes? If not, here are six facts you may not know about modular homes that may help you make the decision to make one your new home!
So what are you waiting for? Get reading!

1. Modular Homes Are Not Mobile Homes
It can be easy to mix up modular homes with manufactured homes or mobile homes. They are two different things, though.
A modular home is a home that is made off-site at a manufacturer's site where it is then transported to the site where you want it to reside - it is a transportable home. Once it is on your land, it is not designed to move. The foundation is solid and secure just like any other new home you may buy!

2. Modular Homes Come Either Fully Assembled or in Sections
Modular homes are built in sections. This means that one room goes through assembly first. Then the kitchen may come next.
Once the separate rooms are created and manufactured, they are put together either before delivery or at the site. This is why they are called transportable homes.
Because many modular homes are put together before delivery, the size of modular homes is usually much smaller than a "normal" house would be due to delivery constraints.
However, you can also go with a flat-packed modular home where many parts of the house are built off-site but are not assembled until on-site. This is a route that takes the most amount of time on-site.

3. Modular Homes Can Be Cheaper Than Traditional Homes
If you are looking for a cheaper route when it comes to purchasing a home, modular homes may be the route to take. While this is not always true, it is true most of the time.
- There are a few reasons for this:
- There is no architect fee because they are pre-designed (while there is still usually room for a few personal modifications to the home)
- Lower permit fees most of the time
- Lower labour costs due to less time building on-site (which means fewer weather delays and extra costs)
- No general contractor fee since inspections are made at the factory where the modular home is built
- No dumpster fees

While they may be cheaper a lot of the time, they may feel more generic and less designed to your wants and needs. This is the trade-off of going with a modular home and a cheaper option.
However, you do have to consider some added costs that modular homes can incur like the transportation to the site and the crane fee.

4. Modular Homes Are Great for Rental Properties
If you've always wanted to invest in rental property, there is no better time than the present to do it! In fact, the vacation rental industry boomed everywhere in 2021 after the pandemic.
Since modular homes can be cheaper, it is a great investment to purchase one and place it on a lot in an area that may have a lot of yearly visitors. Since they are usually smaller, there are fewer overhead costs and cleaning costs associated with the property as well.
You can make a modular home look extremely cute and cosy as well, which many renters love to go for when going on vacation. 
With lower overhead costs and a cheaper cost to build the home, you can reap way more benefits from the home as a rental than using a traditional home.

5. Try Out a Modular Home Before Making It Your New Home
As mentioned previously above, modular homes are great for rentals. This means that there are plenty out there that you can check out before purchasing one for yourself if you feel you need to experience it first. Once you check one out yourself, you can make the decision if you feel that it is right for you as your new house.
If renting isn't an option, you can also visit a modular house showroom to feel out what it would be like to live in one.

6. The Cost You See Is the Cost You Pay
When buying a new house, there are usually many hidden costs that can rack up behind the scenes. While you may see a house that costs $250,000, there may be thousands of more dollars in fees with closing costs, inspections, and other factors that come up throughout the process.
With a modular home, the cost you see is the cost you pay. However, some sellers may include appliances, heating and AC in the cost, while others may not. 
When it comes time to purchase a modular home, be sure to check with the manufacturing company to see what comes with the home price.

Facts About Transportable Homes
After reading this article, hopefully, you walk away with a bit more information about what transportable homes are and what they are not. If you are ready to get started with a new home, contact us and let's chat about your project scope!

We've been building homes for loads of amazing clients in the North Island of New Zealand for a while. Now it's your turn!


Ashlee & the team @ Koltm Modular 

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